This group shown below Is from the Hampton Roads Volunteer Corp. These kids volunteer to help the communities in surrounding cities. They were out at Sky Anchor recently and had a great experience on the "course" and a bang up job giving help to our site. 

Service to Others

Changing Lives by serving others

​   Did you know that studies have shown that 92% of recent Veterans expressed a desire to continue serving in some way?  In an independant study, a group of Veterans reported that they felt an 86% positive life changing experince after volunteering through service.  At Skyanchor we believe this to be true, and we strive to provide opportunities for Veterans, Community Groups, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, and Youth Groups to challenge themselves by performing service projects at Skyanchor. 

      Whether it is mentoring a youth group who participates in the Disability Challenge Course, buidling new facilities, or helping to keep this non-profit organization working to serve others, Skyanchor welcomes your participation!



What a great day of activity at Skyanchor. 18 SSGs from Class 30 SLC, Fort Lee, Virginia, gave of their time and talent to help clean up the camp. The following SSGs, shown with their hometown, were able to get a lot of work done is a short time. Wo Hah!!

      SSG Seth Barker, Tacoma, WA               SSG Kyle Beauchamp, Lawton, OK               SSG Larry Bruce, Fort Wainwright, AK
      SSG Frederick Edwards, Ft Lee, VA        SSG Fred Funderburg, Stockbridge, FL         SSG Hank George, Fort Lee, VA
      SSG Chase Howard, Fort Lee, VA           SSG Michael Kierstead, Apopkor, FL             SSG Jimmy Lim, Fort Lee, VA
      SSG Steven Lopez, Helper, UT                SSG Brian McCumber, Vilseck, Europe         SSG Joshua Mooman, Hopewell, VA
      SSG Roger Nance, Honolulu, HI              SSG Daniels Patrick, Roy, WA                       SSG Eric I. Perez, Colorado Springs, CO
      SSG Jeff Sanborn, El Paso, TX                SSG Joey Stukes, Upper Marlboro, MD         SSG Jonathan Viebaugh, Colonial Heights, VA

Service by Others

Changing Lives by serving others

We have been the recipient of many acts of kindness and support. Pictured to the left are members of the Mechanicsville VA Boy Scout Troop 505. They have two young men working on their Eagle Scout projects. Once completed these two will join the other 13 ACTIVE Eagle Scouts of Troop 505. The Troop currently has 42 boys on the roles.

    Left Picture below shows Quinn Thompson (15), working on creating another "hole" for the putt-putt course. His project is to design and help guide the building (leading and doing the carpentry work) of 3 more holes.  Great job, Quinn.

    Middle picture is Bailey Thompson (17) center, with help from his father and another member of the troop. His project is at a different location of the camp (right below). He created the plans and is leading the work for a Campfire Circle. When completed it will give campers another opportunity to enjoy the fun that many of us remember around the fire.

   Many thanks to the parents who support these young men in this wonderful program. Come out and see the results of their work. You'll be glad you did.

   Skyanchor is proud of all who help make our facility a wonderful place to be.