1970 – Skyanchor was founded in Washington

DC to provide inner city youths an opportunity to experience the outdoors.


1984– The 45 acre Idelwild Farm in Surry County, Virginia was donated to Skyanchor to provide educational and humanitarian groups an outdoor education and camping experience.


Today – Skyanchor added a Disability Awareness Challenge course to help able-bodied people experience the challenge of performing various tasks while limiting the full range of their ability. Today, Skyanchor offers a robust outdoor experience to all who wish to enjoy the great outdoors.

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"I have never been more excited about the programs Skyanchor has to offer to both youth and adults.  When we began years ago in Washington DC, we wanted to help young people experience the outdoors.  Today, we are doing just that thanks to volunteers, Veterans, Scouting Groups, and acts of kindness  from everyone! "


Navy Commander (Retired) Dennis Evans

AKA "Papa Turtle"

Skyanchor is about bringing communities to the outdoors to learn and grow.