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From Papa Tertle, our founder:

Skyanchor has big changes in store in the short term!  We are excited to announce that we've added a Dormitory room that will sleep 12, allowing us to host overnight / weekend / week long retreats, and hopefully jumpstart our  Mission Abroad program where we host groups from other countries and show them the birth place of the colonial government and a taste of the United States!

Youth & Senior Group Retreats

Skyanchor is a great location to facilitate a retreat.  We have meeting facilities, and many opportunities to meet your outdoor needs.  Escape the city, and enjoy the outdoors!


Are you someone who...

   ... likes to assist young people from all walks of life to

         see and experience the wonders of the outdoors

           as they learn the importance of

                        values, honesty, leadership and integrity

               while also having fun?


Skyanchor is seeking folks to volunteer and assist in creating programs and leading young people with day activities or weekend camping and retreat activities fostering the four ideals mentioned above. Call Skyanchor at 757-544-0922 or 757-522-9768 to schedule a time to come out and visit.

Team Building Sessions


Our unique Disability Challenge Course is perfect to build up confidence and awareness within your team.  No matter the age, Skyanchor is perfect for building cohesion.


Skyanchor offers a robust camping experience.  Camp in our Wikiups, pitch your own tents, or hook up to our RV area!